For over 11 years, Omowaleteaches has provided the highest-quality supplemental learning materials for teachers and students. I am committed to providing engaging classroom resources that challenge students to think critically, and constantly strive to offer adaptable materials that facilitate differentiation and connect with students of every learning style and level. In addition, Omowaleteaches strives to be the leading educational publisher in its own right through its many areas of social studies.

The materials below focus on learning through experience, offering motivating, creative activities that are easy to use and modify to fit the needs of your students and curriculum. Creative by a gifted teacher, Omowaleteaches provided these activities to emphasize teamwork and authentic situations and help students to learn how to analyze and communicate information, share knowledge, and exhibit critical thinking.

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Hwe Mu Dua  - $24.99

Critical Coloring Book  - $14.99

Critical Coloring Book with free passages & quizzes - $19.99

OMUZZLE  - $15.99

World History Word Search Book  - $9.99

Padeia Discussion  - $9.99

World History Brain Teaser Book  - $15.99

World History Poem Book  - $13.99

World History Movie & Question Analysis Book  - $9.99