2012: Spain: Madrid & Toledo

2007: Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Bahia

Great Migration Study Abroad trip 2017

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2016 China: Beijing, X'ian and Shanghai 

2011: Puerto Rico: San Juan

2013: Great Britain & France: London & Paris

2014: Canada: Toronto & Ontario

2015 Peru: Lima, Cusco Valley, Machu Pichhu

2004: Ghana: Accra, Kumasi, Gold Coast

Studying abroad is when a person pursuing knowledge and understanding the learning opportunities from a country other than their own. As a study abroad coordinator, I try to take students to countries that associate with the Social Studies curriculum, World Wonders, historical event areas and places that associate with subjects that I teach during the school year.  I have traveled to Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Barbados, China, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Peru and Canada. 

2014 Italy & Spain: Rome, Barcelona and Florence

2008: Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula

2016 Barbados: Bridgetown